Trying and getting nowhere. Why is that? The answer… don’t try. We succeed by being it not by doing it. 

Last update: 9 March 2024


Trying and getting nowhere. Why is that? The answer… don’t try. We succeed by being it not by doing it. 

Last update: 9 March 2024


Effortless action is nurturing a dynamic, effortless, and unselfconscious state of mind and taking that into action. Effortless action is not about what is being done or not being done, it's about the state of mind of the doer. 

Belief, effort and the reality we create through our perceptions

Our beliefs and expectations about our tasks shape the energy we invest in them and ultimately shaping the results we experience. When one strive too forcefully, it is often an indication of an underlying belief that the task is complex or difficult.

Believing that something is difficult

By believing that something is difficult, we channel our energy into an intense effort, which in turn reinforces the notion of difficulty. It is as if the universe listens to our thoughts and responds in kind, reflecting back what we are putting out. The harder we try, the more difficult the task may become, as our focus on its complexity increases.

It is when we labor with great intensity, driven by the belief that our endeavors are fraught with difficulty, that we unwittingly create an obstacle in our path. By allowing this notion to take root, we invite struggle and hardship to accompany our every step.

Believing that something is easy

Yet, if we were to approach these same tasks with an attitude of ease and trust, the weight of the challenge lessens. By believing that a task is simple and manageable, our energy flows more effortlessly, allowing us to navigate the situation with grace and composure.

When we approach our tasks with a sense of composure and assurance, confident in the simplicity and manageability of our undertakings, we may find that the difficulties we once perceived fade into the background.

It is our mind that casts a shadow over our efforts, and by altering our perspective, we unveil the clarity and ease that lies beneath.

Our beliefs and expectations colour the reality we experience

Our beliefs and expectations colour the reality we experience. It is in our power to reshape our reality by embracing a mindset of ease and trust. By doing so, we allow ourselves to receive the gifts of life in abundance, for it is in this state of openness that we truly flourish.It is when we labor with great intensity, driven by the belief that our endeavors are fraught with difficulty, that we unwittingly create an obstacle in our path. By allowing this notion to take root, we invite struggle and hardship to accompany our every step.

Effortless Action or Wu-Wei (inaction) really means taking no unnatural action. Effortless Action means spontaneity to support all things in their natural stage. It’s to allow things to transform spontaneously, undertaking no activity yet leaving nothing undone.

Being it not doing it

Enjoy greater success and fulfilment while also enjoying the journey itself.

Cultivate mindfulness

Focus on the present moment and practice awareness in your daily activities. Meditate regularly to enhance your sense of presence and inner peace.

Let go of attachments

Identify the outcomes you are overly attached to and work on releasing them. Recognise that achieving specific goals is not the ultimate measure of success.

Embrace the journey

Shift your focus from the destination to the process. Appreciate the experiences and learnings that come with each step, regardless of the immediate outcome.

Practice acceptance

Accept your current situation and any setbacks without judgment. Understand that growth and learning often involve challenges.

Personal transformation and growth have a ripple effect

Realise that personal transformation and growth have a ripple effect, contributing to the betterment of the world by inspiring and vitalising others.

Shift your focus to the joy of being alive

Shift your focus to the joy of being alive, practice mindfulness to appreciate the present, engage in self-reflection to connect with your true self, and view your personal growth as a way to positively influence the world.

Let the beauty we love be what we do. Rumi

Putting One's Entire Being Into Every Action

Approaching life with the intensity of a bonfire, leaving no part of oneself uncommitted.

Live Each Moment Fully

Approach each moment as if it were your last, not as a preparation for something else but as a complete experience in itself.

Engage Completely in Your Actions

When you undertake any activity, do so with total dedication, using both your body and mind. Focus entirely on the task at hand to ensure it is done completely and thoroughly.

Be Like a Bonfire

Strive to burn yourself completely in your actions, leaving no trace of ego or incomplete effort, symbolised by the image of a clean-burning bonfire without any smoky residue.

Dedicate Yourself Continuously to Your Practice

Understand that true practice or dedication to any passion isn't confined to a specific timeframe but is an ongoing, moment-to-moment commitment that requires your full attention and presence.

You Can Achieve a State Of Mindfulness and Fulfilment, Moment After Moment

By adopting a mindset of total commitment—symbolized by the imagery of a bonfire that leaves no trace of itself—one can achieve a state of mindfulness and fulfillment, moment after moment

In the end, it's about what you want to be, not what you want to have. Derek Sivers

Practical Steps to Embrace Mindfulness, Authenticity, and Purposeful Living

By integrating mindfulness, releasing attachments, embracing your journey, practicing acceptance, and applying effortless action, you're well on your way to transforming your approach to tasks and life, leading to a more peaceful and fulfilling existence.

  • What is mindfulness, and why is it important?

    Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present in the moment. It's crucial because it helps us enjoy our current activities and reduces stress by preventing worry about the future or past.
  • Why does trying too hard make tasks more difficult?

    When we try too hard, we often believe the task is more challenging than it is, creating unnecessary struggle. This belief increases our focus on the task's difficulty, making it even harder.
  • What does it mean to let go of attachments?

    Letting go of attachments means releasing our tight grip on specific outcomes, understanding that our happiness and success are not solely dependent on achieving these results.
  • What is effortless action or Wu-Wei?

    Effortless action, or Wu-Wei, is a concept of taking actions in a natural, unforced way, allowing things to unfold in their own time without unnecessary interference.
  • How can I practice acceptance?

    Practice acceptance by acknowledging your current situation without judgment, understanding that challenges are part of growth and learning.
  • How can believing a task is easy make it easier?

    By approaching tasks with a mindset of simplicity and trust, we reduce mental resistance, allowing our energy to flow more freely. This attitude helps lessen the perceived challenge, making the task easier.
  • How can I start practicing mindfulness?

    Begin by dedicating a few minutes each day to focus solely on your breathing or a simple activity, fully engaging with the experience without distraction.
  • How can embracing the journey benefit me?

    Focusing on the journey rather than just the destination allows you to appreciate and learn from each experience, leading to greater satisfaction and personal growth.
  • Can these practices guarantee success?

    While these practices don't guarantee success in traditional terms, they lead to a more fulfilling and stress-free journey, which many consider a success in itself.
  • Are there any resources to help me implement these practices?

    Yes, numerous resources like mindfulness apps, books on Taoist philosophy, meditation guides, and workshops on letting go of attachments can support you on this journey.

So, remember, me matey, it be yer thoughts that chart yer course. Choose to believe that life be a fine adventure full of smooth sailin', and the universe will reward ye with fair winds and calm seas.

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