Digital Tools Compendium

Tools, apps and resources for the modern artist, solo-entrepreneur.

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    My Daily Tools

    Apps and tools I use every day.

    Roam Research

    Roam is a cloud-based notes tool, designed for 'networked thought'. It's less of a note-taking app and more of a long haul research tool. And it's deeply impressive. Roam is built to both accommodate any structure and also accommodate changing structures. Its 'bi-directional links engine' and 'knowledge graph' mean you’re not tied to a folder hierarchy, but instead, you create connections between blocks and pages of information as you go.
    Visit their site


    I now use Roam instead of Notion and have completely migrated over to it. Notion is extremely flexible, has templates galore built-in (not that I use these) and comes with fabulous typography. I can't recommend Notion enough. But, Roam is the better solution for networked thought and maximising creative output.
    Visit their site

    Photoshop CC

    Photoshop is the one app you oughta know for digital work. You could almost do anything with it. I design and produce photographs and graphics daily with this app and it's incredibly good at what to does.
    Visit their site

    After Effects CC

    I use After Effects for video and motion graphics work. After Effects works with compositions, that can be nested making it versatile and flexible for video production.
    Visit their site

    OWC RAID Drives

    Other World Computing is an American computer hardware company and online store for Mac upgrades and accessories. They produce outstanding RAID drives. I run several OWC 20TB ThunderBay 4 RAIDs and they've never let me down.
    Visit their site

    Live Streaming Tools

    I beleive the next big thing online will be live streaming. 

    Streamlabs OBS

    Stream Labs is a streaming platform for Twitch, YouTube, & Facebook. The app is excellent, and while it's geared for gamers, it can be used for live streaming in general.

    OBS: Open Broadcaster Software

    Free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. 

    Tools for Writing

    Desktop and cloud-based tools for writing and text editing.

    Roam Research Networked Writing Tool

    Roam is a cloud-based notes tool, designed for 'networked thought'. It's less of a note-taking app and more of a long haul research tool. And it's deeply impressive. I use it now for running my writing, my ad agency and my life.


    A dedicated writing tool, Scrivener simply provides everything you need to start writing and keep writing. It's focused on that job and does it very well. For larger writing projects (like books) it's well worth a trial.
    Visit their site

    Hemingway App

    The Hemingway is 'like a spellchecker, but for style.' It grades your writing for readability to indicate how understandable a piece of writing is.
    Visit their site


    Notion is my main app for managing my projects and writing. It lets you organise everything simply and elegantly.
    Notion is free.


    Write your self messages in the future. Thoughtback stores the messages you enter and then randomly sends them back to you randomly.
    Write to your future self

    Urban Dictionary

    A crowdsourced online dictionary for slang words and phrases, operating under the motto 'Define Your World'
    Visit the site

    Wolfram’s Expert-level Answers

    Wolfram’s site lists useful information about and historical context for words, major events, trends and people in the news
    Visit their site

    Email Tools

    Clean up your inbox.

    Unroll Me

    Unroll Me lets you see a list of all your subscription emails for easy reviewing, or to unsubscribe easily from the ones you don’t want. They also have what they call Rollup, which collates your subscriptions for you in a handy daily digest.

    Time Tools

    Time tracking and management tools.

    Be Focused Timer

    This handy timer does just what you need and no more. An effective way to retain motivation and focus.
    Visit their site

    Time Timer Visual Timer

    I use a Time Timer 60 Minute visual timer. It's a fantastic visual tool that sits on my desk and keeps me aware of the session I am in. Timers for me are about dropping constant busyness and distraction.
    Visit their site

    Egg Timer

    A simple countdown timer.

    Design Tools

    Tools for designing graphics, apps and websites.

    Adobe Illustrator

    Illustrator CC is the vector (geometry-based lines and shapes) equivalent to Photoshop. It's a vector graphics app for designing logos, icons, drawings, typography, and illustrations.
    Visit the site


    Canva's an online drag-and-drop designer, with plenty of designs and layouts to base your designs on. If you don't want to learn or use Photoshop you can use Canva to crank out business cards, logos, presentations, and graphic designs.
    Visit the Canva site

    Composer Pro

    A no-code app building platform. Produce apps for all form factors, including mobile, desktop, browser, TV and others. It's free.
    Visit the site


    Typekit is a service for fonts which you can sync to your computer or use on a website. Instead of licensing individual fonts, you can sign up for the plan that best suits your needs and get a library of fonts from which to choose. Or you get it as part of Adobe Creative Cloud.
    Visit the site

    Google Fonts

    Google's collection of open source designer web fonts.
    visit the site


    Fount will tell you which web font in your font-stack you are actually seeing – not just what is supposed to be seen. It’ll also tell you the font size, weight, and style.
    Visit the site

    Imaging Tools

    Tools and apps or photography and imaging.

    Photoshop CC

    Photoshop is the world's primary image editing program. It's the primary app for creating, developing and editing images. Photoshop lets you edit photographs or groups of photographs, create digital graphics and composites from scratch, and design and produce app user interfaces. Photoshop is your swiss army knife for digital. You can create anything you need for television, print, desktops and mobile screens. It's always been at the heart of any digital studio.
    Visit the site

    Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC

    Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC is the desktop version of Lightroom, not to be confused for the cloud-based Lightroom CC version.
    Visit the site

    Video Tools

    Video, motion graphics and video compression tools.

    After Effects CC

    After Effects is a motion graphics tool. It's part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite of tools. In terms of video, there is not much you can't accomplish with this app. It's a staple in every video creator toolkit.
    Visit their site

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    For actual linear video editing, I use Premiere. It's easy, powerful and comes bundled with Creative Cloud so I always have it. Your other options are Final Cut Pro, Avid or some other video app. But Premiere gets the job done, and integrated with the other Adobe Creative Cloud apps.
    Visit their site

    HandBrake: Open Source Video Transcoder

    Handbrake is the tool to use for compressing video for the web, or converting video from one format to another. Such a handy tool.
    Visit their site

    Animation Composer

    This is a free plug-in for Adobe After Effects® that makes simple fast animation very easy. It's great for commercial video ads which is what I have been using this for. I teach this in my Facebook Video Ad Course. It's good.
    Animation composer is free

    FiLMiC Pro-Video Camera

    FiLMiC Pro offers complete control over your camera’s focus, exposure, frame rates, and more. It's my go to camera for manual control over the iPhone.
    Visit the app store site

    DoubleTake iPhone into a multi-cam studio

    DoubleTake by FiLMiC transforms your iPhone into a multi-cam studio allowing you to capture video from two cameras at the same time on recent devices.
    DoubleTake site

    Web Downloading Tools

    Tools for downloading images and videos from the existing websites. This comes in handy when redesigning sites and harvesting existing media from existing websites.

    Image Cyborg

    Download images from any website, webpage via url or link

    Video Cyborg

    Download video from youtube, dailymotion, any website just paste any link/url with a video

    Apps Cyborg

    More handy web tools from this Apps Cyborg.

    Creative Idea
    Generation Tools

    I find mind mapping apps can tease out the network of ideas you've got in your head.


    A mind mapping app can tease out the network of ideas in you've got in your head. Free Mind is the best one I've found. Sadly it's not being developed further, but it's great as it is.
    Visit their site


    Milanote lets you organise your ideas and projects into visual boards. It's like mind mapping, in that your network of ideas quickly becomes clear. Milanote is beautifully designed and functions wonderfully. I really like this app Although Notion has taken over all text, idea and project management duties for me.
    Visit their site


    Miro is an 'online collaborative whiteboard'. I quite like their 'Collaborative Mapping and Diagramming' tool, it's a good tool for mind mapping.
    Visit their site

    Google Webmaster Tools

    All-day everyday Google tools. Once you wire these into your site you'll want to use them all of the time to monitor your growth.

    Google Analytics

    Google Analytics tracks and reports website traffic and site vistor interactions with your online content. You got to have this one.
    Google Anaytlics site

    PageSpeed Insights

    Make your site fast, or be penalised by Google. The PageSpeed Insights tool reports on site performance for mobile and desktop.
    Page Speed site

    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console is a no-charge web service by Google for monitoring your site’s performance in search. While kinda confusing to setup, it's worth the effort.
    Google Search Console

    Google Chrome

    Chrome is a fast, simple and secure web browser. And with Chrome you can create multiple user 'profiles' that synchronise. This means you can flexibly access and manage multiple clients or projects very flexibly. Chrome also has great develop tools built in. Chrome is hard to beat for creative web people.
    Download Chrome

    Google Trends

    Google Trends is a free tool that provides access to actual search requests across Google Search.
    See what the world is searching.

    SEO Tools

    Tools to help with daily SEO tasks by analyzing your own web pages, as well as your competitors.

    SEO Minion

    SEO Minion helps you with SEO tasks such as On-Page SEO analysis, Broken Link Checking, Hreflang tag checking, SERP Preview and more.

    Keywords Everywhere

    Keywords Everywhere is a browser add-o n for Chrome & Firefox that shows search volume, CPC & competition on multiple websites.

    Uber Suggest

    Uber Suggest is a keyword and SEO research tool, and a pretty one for doing basic keyword research. But it's no longer free, and not worth using without unlocking the core features. 

    Domains, Hosting and Website Tools

    Launch your own thing and run it like a pro.


    A useful tool to check domain & social username availability across multiple networks.


    Namecheap is my go to ICANN-accredited domain name registrar. A great source for low cost domain names. I've used this service for years.
    Find your domain name

    Dreamhost Web Hosting

    With a domain name leased, you need to host it somewhere to 'serve' it up the world. Dreamhost offers web hosting, virtual private servers, dedicated hosting, shared hosting and cloud storage. I've been using Dreamhost for the past 15 years. It's great if you manage a lot of different domains.
    Sign up for hosting


    Webflow gives you fine control to design, build, and launch responsive websites visually, while writing clean, semantic code for you.
    Start with a free Webflow account


    You can install Wordpress on a hosted custom domain name or have host it for you. It's a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL. You install Wordpress then you theme it and away you go.
    Visit Wordpress


    With Iffttt you create 'applets; connecting web services to make things your apps can't do on their own.

    Facebook Tools

    Using Facebook's Business tools for creating and managing Facebook business pages and campaigns. The Business manager allows management of Facebook ad accounts, Instagram accounts, Facebook pages, Apps, pixels, product catalogs and much more.

    Facebook Business Manager

    The Facebook business manager is a free mega tool for managing Facebook page ad accounts. Build detailed audiences, track visitors with analytics, create campaigns and ads and much more.

    Facebook Pixel

    Created inside the Facebook Business manager, the Facebook Pixel is a piece of code we install on our website to track and measure website visitors. With data we can then optimise and build audiences for your advertising campaigns based on site visitors behaviour.
    Read more about the pixel

    Facebook Analytics

    Facebook's Analytics lets us use actual data to analyse trends and in general better understand the behavior of people who visit our sites. Using the pixel we can also set up additional events to measure specific actions we are interested in.
    Learn more about their Analytics/a>

    Chatbot Marketing Platforms

    Web Chat, SMS & Facebook Messenger Chatbot Platforms

    Mobile Monkey

    Mobile Monkey is a leading web Chat, SMS & Facebook Messenger Chatbot Platform. Enables automation (bots).


    ManyChat is the another Facebook Messenger, SMS Chatbot Platform that enables chat bots.
    Visit their site


    Landbot differs from Mobile Moneky and ManyChat in that it's chat interface can be delivered as a fullscreen experience. It feels less like a live chat and more like an interactive page.
    You can create a free account


    The Intercom customer messaging platform is the best out there. But also the most expensive. The heart of Intercom is the Intercom’s Business Messenger, an InBox for all your chats. Intercom is beautifully written software.
    Visit their site

    Email Marketing Platforms (CRMs)

    CRM stands for Customer Relation Management. A great CRM does it all, or you bolt together multiple apps to suit your needs. The choice comes down to needs and budget.


    Zapier connects apps together and automates workflows. You commonly see Zapier in the 'integrations' tab of apps to connect your website app to other apps, like email marketing platform.


    Probably the worlds most well-known email CRM. I used. to hate MailChimp but I've softened. Support s all the usual email duties and now landing pages, and even postcard mailing.
    You can get started free


    Drip seems to have repositioned itself as an e-commerce marketing platform. Ther state they 'sStore all your customer data collected from storefront to marketing channels.
    You can get started free

    Active Campaign

    Active campaigns the big fish in Email CRMS. It aint'c heap. Its an email marketing, marketing automation, and small business CRM.
    Visit their site


    HubSpot offers marketing, sales, and service software. They have a good free CRM option, and marketing, sales and service upgrade options. Their system is well laid out and easy to use.
    You can get started free


    SendPulse is a multi-channel marketing platform, enabling web push, email, chatbots, and SMS.
    SendPulse is free to start

    Collaboration Tools

    Tools for collaborating online


    Slack is a runaway success in the world of online collaboration apps. Slack's focus is working and collaborating together online around 'channels' where you share and message one another through their app.
    Slack is free to use


    A collaborative whiteboarding platform.
    Miro is free to use

    Website Onboarding Tools

    Collect emails and grow your audience

    Hello Bar

    Hello Bar. is a website bar that greets people as they enter your site.
    Install an email bar on your site

    Survey Monkey

    With Survey Monkey you can measure and understand feedback from site visitors, with surveys.
    Create surverys


    Subscribers is a free tool for push notifications. You can create custom, scheduleable, dynamic, and even automatable push notifications for Desktop And Mobile
    Get Subscribers for free


    Slaask is a $29 p/m Slack integration app. It's a bridging chat app between your website and Slack, enabling live chat with your website visitors via Slack. There are several conversational and collaborative hubs like this one that allow you and your teammates to answer your customers’ queries as easily and efficiently as possible from Slack.
    Visit Slaask

    Cloud Storage Apps

    Syncable cloud file storage platforms

    Drop Box

    DropBox is a cloud hard drive, letting you store, share, and securely access all your files. It's handy. You have a local folder which syncs with the cloud for access from your other devices.
    free to use

    Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

    Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is for serious endeavors. It's an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. No fancy high-level interfaces here, just hardcore, robust scalable cloud systems.

    Google Drive

    Google drive comes free with a Gmail account. You get you 15GB of storage and a suite or Office Apps as well.
    free with gmail accounts


    A cloud-based app for storing and syncing your notes online. It's good. But Notion is better!
    evernote is free

    Artist Tools


    Artsy has the worlds leading artists work easily browsable and in many instances available to purchase. You can slo browse the leading galleries shows and stable of artists.
    Browse the worlds galleries

    Sedition Art

    Sedition is a platform for selling and collecting art in digital format. Collect, trade and enjoy artworks on your screens.
    Digital art for your screens


    I've been following this project, forever. Framed is a dedicated digital screen for artwork.

    Freelance Tools

    Tools for freelancing


    Fiverr enables you to browse the selection of freelancers offering services, and to place orders in just one click. A service offered on Fiverr is called a Gig.

    Odds and Ends

    A growing collection of odd and interesting tools


    Write yourself messages for the future. Thoughtback stores the messages you enter it and then randomly sends them back.
    Write to your future self


    Capturing screenshots of web pages on mobile and desktops.

    Big Ass Message

    Type your big ass message here.
    Write your own big ass message

    One Second Every Day

    Imagine a movie that includes every day of the rest of your life.
    Read about the project or get the app

    Link Tools

    Get the most from links you share with your audience.

    Genius Link

    Genius Link enables sharing of monetised product links with your audience. Visit Genius Link 

    Privacy Policy Tools

    Privacy policy generators

    Privacy Policies

    Generate privacy policy documents outlining how you will protect the personal data and digital privacy of your site visitors.
    generate a free privacy policy

    Cookie Consent

    Generate a Use our Cookie Consent form to comply with GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.
    Visit the site