Christopher Fulham

I've been many things (some of these simultaneously)

I've been a teacher
I've been an musician of sorts (electronic music)
I've been a academic
I've been a husband
I've been a commercial drone pilot
I've been a commissioned artist
I've been a marketer

My 2021 Focus

  1. Grow this site to 10K per month
  2. Growing my creative agency Big Creative Company


Co-founded Bright Sparks, a STEAM education startup. This project has been mothballed for a number of reasons, including the havoc caused by COVID-19.


Co-founded Our Big Idea, a project that gave me incredible support, learning and growth over the 3 years I developed this project. 


Wrote and delivered training in precision agriculture with drones for the Muresk Institute in rural Western Australia . During this time I also delivered workshops in Drone technology for Murdoch University.

Wrote and delivered workshops in Photography, drones and video for SHOOT Photographic workshops in Western Australia.


Awarded a 100K Art Commission to produce a 90 minute aerial landscape artwork for the Karratha Airport in Western Australia.

Founded Dronelinc to legally reaslise the commission. I worked as a commercial drone pilot under the banner of Dronelinc for several years, producing aerial projects for Dampier Port Authority, Perth International Film Festival, Corona SunSets Festival, Australian Defense Force and a host of other businesses. 


Started a PhD at the Australian National University. I ultimately postponed as I left the ANU in 2013 to begin a new life. 


Commissioned for video art for the Experimenta Speak To Me 5th International Biennial Of Media Art. The exhibition launched in Melbourne at RMIT Gallery in September 2012 before embarking on a two year national tour taking in metropolitan and regional centres across the country. My work was also featured in the previous Experimenta Utopia Now International Biennial of Media Art.


Curated and produced Art Machine, an exhibition consisting of coded 'art machines' that transformed text, video and photos submitted online into original ‘visual structures’ and digital works. The focal point of Art Machine was to explore the boundary between artist, machines and audience.


Awarded a photographic art commission for the Calvary Hospital in Canberra Australia. I was artist in residence for 12 mon ths. As it happened, my daughter was born at Calvary while I was artist in residence, and the photographs from her birth became the final work for the commission (Born).


Received Leica Camera sponsorship for Leica M and Leica Summilux-M 35mm f/1.4 ASP. In 2014 I received further sponsorship with Leica S2 and Leica Summarit 70 f/2.5 ASPH 


Awarded video art commission for the National Film and Sound Archive , Canberra (ARC Cinema). The project involved producing 8 video artworks and 5.1 surround sound soundscape the the NFSA's ARC Cinema Art commission

2003 - 2013

Starting teaching at the Australian National University in Canberra. I worked here for a decade, becoming tentured. My first position was Lecturer in Interactive Media Arts, at the Centre for New Media Arts. I later went on to teach into 2D Animation, Digital Video, Photography and Internet Art. 


Awarded an Honours Degree in Multimedia Arts, from the Middlesex University in London (first class honours).


Starting teaching Multimedia Arts at SAE Technology College Perth (now called SAE Qantm). I would go on to run SAE Perths Creative Media Department for the next 4 years. 


Taught for the first time, writing and delivering an 8 week program in in 2D Animation for the animation team behind the John Callahan's Quads! a Canadian-Australian adult cartoon created by and based upon the work of John Callahan (creator of Pelswick for Nickelodeon).


Completed a Diploma in Interactive Multmedia Arts


Completed a diploma in Audio Engineering. 


Completed and obtained my commercial pilots license (fixed wing aircraft)