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What I'm Doing Now

Making artwork, investing in cryptocurrencies, running a big creative marketing company and being a single dad. 

Dealing with Distraction

I have Aspergers, which gives me tremendous power to concentrate on what I love, but also a susceptibility to be distracted. At 48, I've found a way to use myself in a better way. I want to keep my focus on the activities that matter to me. And I want to flow and work deeply.

So I am on a digital detox. I am cleansing myself of distraction. And establishing a form of digital minimalism to match the physical minimalism I practice already.

On the other side of this detox, I'll establish conversation office hours for the people I love. And better yet go and enjoy time with them in the real world.

The primary method of detox I am using is to distance my mind from my phone, which now lives under the couch, on silent. I won't look at the bloody thing until well after lunch, sometimes all day. It seems the less I use it, the less I want to. 

I love my family and friends. And value my clients. But I have been living in a blur of distraction and shallow work. This is despite my best efforts. Calls and texts arrive all day long and I would just answer it, and scuttle my focus and attention. 

So far the results are awesome. I am more aware, calmer, and flow far better. I am happier, less irritable, more contemplative and balanced. And I am making headway into what I've been working on for years.

Studio Work

I am developing my older works as NFTs. These video works are large in file size and require 'off-chain' minting, which has sent me on a long haul research mission. I am thrilled to be able to list my artwork as NFT's on my terms.

I'm also slowly moving back to developing new artworks after a hiatus while I built a marketing agency.

Big Creative Company

Four and a half years ago my wife left me. I was not expecting it. My daughter was 5 years old. 

I stumbled and worked shit jobs and processed all the suffering and feelings of loss. But I did need this difficulty, and I have used it to my advantage. 

I built a marketing agency to generate income, and in doing that, freed myself from working for others (which just doesn't work for me). 

I built the agency up from one client to over 20 at one stage. Now I have it back to a more manageable number. Next, I'll hire staff and remove myself from the day to day running of the company. 

There are challenges running an ad agency. One is you are endlessly pursuing high-performance numbers. And two is keeping clients happy. I don't find it too hard. They leave you to do the work. And if you make them money (spending theirs) they are happy.

There are big changes affecting marketing these days as we move towards a decentralised web3.0.

Crytpo Investing

I began investing in Cryptocurrencies in early 2021. I made money, lost money, then made money again. This is the hard way (probably the only way). I believe in Blockchain technology, and a decentralised web 3.0. I understand it's where we're all heading. 


I've been developing Accelerators in media production (art, imaging, web & online marketing and creativity. They are almost ready to go. These are punchy video programs with a community backend. Designed for people looking to accelerate their growth in the creative economy. 

Intermittent Fasting

I'm an intermittent fasting convert. I'm obsessed. 

My diet has never been great. I just traded on the healthy body I lucked into. Now at 48, I'm gonna give it what it actually needs. 

Our western diet is plain garbage. The crap that is laced in food is astonishing. 

I've existed on predominantly coffee, fruits, carbs, and bad fats. Even my protein powder has all the wrong shit in it. And there was sugar in everything. Even when I did consume fresh produce, now I know it was lacking nutrients, and loaded with pesticides, fungicides and fertilizers.  

Then I discovered the work of Dr Berg. What a champion. 

I now eat two meals a day, one around midday, the second at 5 pm, then fast to the following day. Twice a month I go on an extended fast of 35+ hours. I am leveraging the bodies Autophagy and Ketosis systems. 

My diet now consists of organic protein, healthy fats, and vegetables. I also consume fortified nutritional yeast, MCT Oil, lemon juice, green protein powder, and spring water. 

It's only been a short while, and I already have double the energy I used to. And my belly fat is just slipping away. 


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