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for Creators

Master media arts, the web and modern marketing to thrive in the new economy. I've created this community for creators to work side by side with me in an intuitive, simple and distraction free learning environment.

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If you're going to try, go all the way. Otherwise, don't even start. Charles Bukowski

You're in Good Company

I've been making and teaching media arts for more than 25 years. Freemind is about making difficult things simple, and helping people find the direction that excites them the most.


Intuitive, Simple and
Distraction Free Learning

Freemind delivers using the Circle platform, an intuitive, simple and distraction free learning environment. Preview it now by clicking on the chat icon on your bottom right.

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Drive Your Own Learning

Circle's modern, user-friendly, interactive, and multifaceted learning platform means you can complete modules with the support of a dedicated class teacher. When you get stuck, help is right there.

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Learn Skills and Take Action

The Freemind curriculum enables you to develop in your own preferred direction. You can deepen your trust in your creativity, and skill up to build and sell online. You'll develop in the program by taking real world action. 


Putting it All Together

First get a handle of the design, production and digital advertising tools and processes. Second, spend some time learning and practicing with projects to get your confidence up. Now from there you set off on your direction!

Learn by Building

Each module has videos, readings and a hands-on project. You can choose to share your work in your Circle's open, connected, digital community format for discussion.

  • Media Production

    Learn to produce graphics, video and website content that resonants with people.

  • Art Production

    Artists can expand their process and experimentation with new skills and technqiues.

  • Build Websites

    Build code-free responsive websites for startups, solo-entrepreneurs and businesses.

  • Build Ad Campaigns

    Write and produce ad campaigns for both Google and Facebook and learn to track and optimise.

  • Individualised Support

    Receive personalised responses to projects.

  • Rich Library

    Access a growing library of video and written learning material. 

  • Distraction Free Learning

    Learn and connect with each other, and interact directly with your teacher each day.

  • Creative Community

    Interact with individuals, artists, creators and small business owners adapting and thriving.

  • Mobile App Access

    The Circle mobile app means you can stay engaged while on the move. 

  • Unlimited Learning

    Evolving curriculum and access to amazing people and ideas that will last a lifetime.

Circle (Early Access)

Are you super motivated? Then apply for early access to the Freemind Circle. As a test pilot you'll receive personal attention and unlimited support and feedback.
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$ 250

$ per user

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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    Media Design & Production
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    Web Design & Production
  • ✓
    Marketing & Online Business
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    Creativity & Action

Learn to sell, learn to build. If you can do both, you will be unstoppable. Naval

How It Works

Students learn how to: Create original work, professionally create photographs, images, graphics and video, visually program modern responsive websites optimised for search (SEO / SEM), and write and produce Facebook an Instagram digital marketing campaigns. Grow your art practice, freelance or start your own company. 

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    Pay your Subscription

    The workshop curriculum is hands-on. More than 75% of your time is dedicated to creating work —practical online marketing projects that allow you to apply what you learn. 

    Subscriptions are $99 per month. If you're not satisfied and have taken part I'll refund your money. This Workshop is for doers. If this sounds like you, I invite you to enrol.

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    Login into Circle

    Receive your invite and join the Circle Community Workspace. Using Circle, I engage with students in individual and group work. During the workshop, each student shares the results of the hands-on assigned projects for feedback and discussion. The program is realtime, with regular assignments and exercises, group discussions, and live video. It is entirely based online, with students participating from their home or workplace.

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    Show Up And Do The Work

    The workshop curriculum is hands-on. You can get started right away with practical real-world projects that allow you to apply what you're learning. Deep dive and master digital imaging, design and graphics, website design and production, and online marketing.

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    Personalised Coaching And Feedback

    The Workshop and Circle environment provide an intimate learning experience with dedicated coaching, discussion, and feedback. The program accelerates personal and creative transformation by providing a deep practical experience in creative digital production, the web, and online marketing. We learn together. Have all your questions answered and get personal feedback.

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Apply for Early Access

The Freemind Circle is an intensive, online workshop designed by Christopher Fulham for high-performing individuals who want to level up and grow. You can rapidly increase skill in creativity, digital production, web production, digital marketing and online business. The Freemind Circle workshop is offered in English-only. 

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  • Media Production
  • Web Production
  • Marketing Production

The Freemind Newsletter

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wisdom and action.

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