Art Commissions



    This Karratha Airport Video Art commission involved creating a 90-minute film using 4K cinema drones (RPA’s) to film remote locations in the Pilbara, something that, at the time, had not been done before. The project was complex and had several stages; including gaining Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) certification to use a drone commercially. This multifaceted project had a budget of $100,000 and a deadline of twelve months. I completed the project successfully on budget and on time with very positive reviews on the completed work which is on permanent display at Karratha Airport.


    Experimenta video art commission: random filming, extended duration single channel recordings, hyper resolution, altered time and reductionism Milieu creates a moment for us to re-experience everyday urban situatedness from a more mindful and aware perspective and to reconsider our own personal connectedness to the physical word we share with others.

    ARC Cinema

    Selected works from an 8 work video art commission for ARC Cinema, National Film and Sound Archive of Australia Commission (2010 – 2011) The NFSA's New ARC Cinema video art program creates a special ambience with video art, soundscapes and lighting before every screening.


    Calvary Hospital Photographic Commission (excerpt)

    Embodied Space (Star Man)

    Wellard Public Art Commission Proposal